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What our customers have to say

Frank Maschmeier Foto

Fraudshield gives us much more insights then the previously used solution. Apart from IP detection they also look at patterns with regard to session-time, user agents and many more other metrics. The solution is covering our needs almost entirely and offers a competitive advantage with regard to competition. I had a great customer service experience so far, they implemented custom requirements in a few days and they have a very strong roadmap.

Frank Maschmeier,
Spyke Media

Bob Mittelholzer Foto

24metrics’ Fraudshield is an absolute must for every affiliate marketer out there. It has proven to be highly effective in sorting massive amounts of data and has provided positive return on investment from day one. Next to being very transparent on how it works and providing detailed reasoning for every single fraudulent conversion it also allows a multitude of customization and in-depth analysis tools for the power user.

Bob Mittelholzer,
29 Rhino

Vijay Sudalaimuthu Foto

Fraudshield is of immense help to us identifying affiliate fraud and help the affiliates too in getting the campaigns profitable. A key aspect for us was that we needed clear rejection reasons for each conversion which we use as proof when confronting the bad affiliates. The option to integrate smoother with our existing platforms paired with fast and responsive support made this decision an easy one.

Vijay Sudalaimuthu,
Bigpoint Games